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Frugal Off Grid

Video Consultation for Off Grid Living & Homesteading the High Desert

Video Consultation for Off Grid Living & Homesteading the High Desert

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If you'd like me to pull up your property on GPS, look at the topography and location and make suggestions as to how I would develop your land or if you simply have questions about rainwater,  water cisterns,  root cellars or anything else related to homesteading let's set up a video call.  After you place an order, I'll send you an email to setup the best time for a 30 minute video call.  I am most knowledgeable of Apache County but can offer good input for just about anywhere.  

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Customer Reviews

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Vaudeville Ranch
Great advise for off grid livin

Our consultation was informative, and reassuring. Several ideas I hadn't considered that could have turned into costly mistakes. Frugal Off Grid also has a great YouTube channel that covers so many topics that are important to consider and plan for before living off grid. Frugal Off Grid also makes wonderful teas grown right on the homestead. I highly recommend Frugal Off Grid!!!

I'm happy the call was useful. To be clear, I order bulk herbs to make my unique tea blends.

Fantastic help and experienced knowledge

You cannot go wrong with getting a consultation from John. What a stand up and helpful guy. He really helped point me in the right direction on my homestead and gave me some amazing ideas for my land. You just can't get information and advice like this anywhere on such a personal level. The experience and knowledge he has can really play a huge role in your success on your new homestead.
I will be using this again and again when I feel stuck and need some knowledgeable help!

Shia Bolds

I'm so glad consultation calls have been added to the site! My first call went great. I recieved a lot of good information and suggestions specifically about my parcel of land. I was able to get clarity on some of my questions regarding septic ,solar and even livestock. I can guarantee I'll be adding this item to my cart often lol. Great guy, real down to earth and easy to have a conversation with. Thanks again for the help

"John, I've been drinking your tonic for 4-5 days and my blood pressure was 118/73 today!"

- Robin -

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