Trusted Off Grid Brands

After living off grid, four years.  I've had the opportunity to work with and test many brands.  Below are the brands I trust most and if you make a purchase using the links on this page, I'll get a small percentage of the sale,  helping to support my homestead.  

Signature Solar 

Here's why I really like Signature Solar.  After four years living off grid,  pushing products to the max. I have found that customer service is very important.  Signature Solar is based on the U.S which means they never fall short when it comes to shipping like so many over seas companies.  Not to mention they carry some of the most reputable brands and the air conditioning unit they sponsored my channel, is amazing.  


Bougerv is a relatively new brand to my channel.  They have been great to work with and the 100 amp charge controller, they sponsored my channel is a game changer.  It's a fairly priced product with smart features.  I haven't seen any truly disappointing reviews on their behalf.  Another quality brand that is many times frugal.  


I have used Powerqueen for years now and have had no problems with their batteries.  They're very fairly priced and still high quality.  This brand aligns with my channel and the batteries they have sponsored work reliably and without failure.  

Vibrant Earth Seeds

I just recently started to collaborate with Vibrant Earth Seeds and this is what I've found.  They offer rare and drought tolerant seeds,  often times native or hybrid to the American southwest climate.  In my experience these Seeds really do germinate and grow better with minimal water.  If you live in an arid climate, why not start with Seeds that are proven? Plus, when you order seeds,  I get some too.  


eco worthy dual axis solar tracker installation and settings

This is the experience I've had with ECO-WORTHY.  I installed their Solar tracker over a year ago.  Even with the extreme wind, this tracker has stood the test of time. It's very convenient to have a large array in a relatively small space that tracks the sun and provides a roughly 40% increase in harvested Solar energy.  

Topens code: FOG12

Having, two gates, adds up to a lot of getting in and out of the truck to simply leave the homestead.  Having Solar power gate openers is a game changer.  I save so much time now that can be used to upkeep the homestead.  With the touch of a button I can open either gate easily without ever getting out of the truck.  They automatically lock too! 


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