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  • I LOVE THE PRODUCTS AND SUPPORTING JOHNS HOMESTEAD I let it sit in the sun in my kitchen window for sun tea. As lemon and it turns purple.


  • EXCELLENT STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS In this video, John explains how he comes up with a plan and draws it out for building.


  • I gotta hand it to you... I've never been able to eat beets. No matter what my brain would say about the benefits of beets, my palette rejected them in any form. Just couldn't do it... I think you've come up with the answer.


  • BEST TEA EVER I purchased the tea and have been drinking it every day ever since! It was the perfect gift this year for Christmas for everyone 💙❤️💙❤️


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DIY Hay Baler

In this virtual course you can hang out with me on my homestead while I show you how I built my old fashioned hay baler to save on feed costs.

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Colorful Herbal Tea

This is where it all started. My first products where unigue and colorful herbal tea blends I crafted them to be earthy, floral and healthy.

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Learn to Homestead

In my second book, I tell you everything I know about building a frugal homestead

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Black Powder Tonic

I drink this tonic every day at least once. When I first moved off grid my blood pressure was very high and I was on multiple medications. Now I maintain healthy blood pressure without medication. My tonic is all I need.

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Frugal and Sustainable Products

Everything I make, comes from my Frugal and Sustainable Homestead, over 100 miles from the nearest city.

  • Colorful Herbal Tea Blends

    High quality sourced herbs and unique herbal tea blends

  • Old Fashioned Corn Flour

    Chunky ground corn flour like the pioneers made.

  • Heart Healthy Tonic

    My daily blood pressure balancing healthy tonic

  • Hand Crafted Items

    Hand made local products