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Frugal Off Grid

Frugal Off Grid Tea Lover Kit

Frugal Off Grid Tea Lover Kit

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All Frugal Off Grid Tea Blends in one kit. Red Tea, Blue Tea and Green Tea.  
This kit contains red tea blend which is hibiscus, rose petals and lemon balm, blue tea blend which is butterfly pea flower, lavender and lemon balm and green tea blend which is camilia sinensis, spearmint and chamomile. 

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Customer Reviews

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Loving the tea! 10 out of 10


Top notch product. Very enjoyable and well put together. If you're thinking about getting some just double the order, you won't be disappointed!

"John, I've been drinking your tonic for 4-5 days and my blood pressure was 118/73 today!"

- Robin -

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