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Frugal Off Grid

Frugal Off Grid "Two years homesteading off the grid alone"

Frugal Off Grid "Two years homesteading off the grid alone"

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Now, only available on my website. Download my eBook and print it if you like. This book was a number one best seller in multiple categories on Amazon. But I decided Amazon was taking too large of a cut of all my products. I have now removed them all and they are only available here. 

In this book I will teach you everything I learned from my second year living off grid. I elaborate on new projects and how old projects have gone. It's a good read with or without my first homesteading book. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew W.
True homesteading at it's finest.

OK, I have bought this book and the others and John has done some fabulous things here in NE AZ. He has given a thoughtful and useful insight into what it takes to live off the grid. He is someone that thinks about others in regard to handling daily functions and ideas within a homestead. It shows what a mind, effort, and thoughts when used one can accomplish. I have taken from him and incorporate it into our off-grid property and welcome more from him in the future. Thank you John for all that you have published and made others aware of what one can accomplish.

Excellent read!

John Hancock shares his personal experience and the details of setting up a homestead with the ease of a storyteller and the expertise of a pro. His story is informative, easy to follow and understand, and hard to put down. If you enjoy learning about how to homestead from the very beginning steps on a very tight budget- this book is for you! If you remember gardening, canning or any home chores passed down from grandparents/parents because they went through the depression and had to learn how to make do with what was on hand - this book will be a refresher in remembering their tips.
I am looking forward to moving off grid and will use so much of the foundational information shared here to help make it happen. There are a few occasional typos in the book, yet the main idea here is to share information and make the idea of self-sustainment achievable. John has the gift of being able to share his story in such a way that it will encourage others to begin their own off grid journey.

Proof of concept

Thank you John. The first book describes "living life on your own terms" (John's words). In this book he responds to FAQs and gives details of his designs and the results to date. I heard him use the phrase "proof of concept" in one of the excellent online videos. If you drive the off-roads of rural communities, there are many failures and basically "dumpsites" of off-grid dreams that did not plan, have backups, and just plain got lazy (lazy, in my opinion). In the chapter "Creating income," John describes howh is homestead IS his job--and he loves it. His chapter "Two of Everything" reminded me of Noah's Ark from the Bible...not only when (not if) one resource expires, the second one sustains you. Two of everything also leads to his food and soil fertility plan. Livestock are food, an income stream, and a renewable resource to add humus for the soil microbiome. Swales are the long range concept development for water storage on John's homestead. The inspiration point is John's accomplishment of owning his land.

P.S. John's third book on weight loss is the practical health benefit from his education, knowledge and experience related in his straightforward, creative style.

You'll want to read this multiple times

As a school teacher, typos and grammatical errors usually cause me to set a book aside. However, the content in this book is so good that by the end of the first chapter I no longer cared. As a person who is moving to Northeast Arizona in the next four months to live off-grid, I have spent the past two years doing my research. I have found both John's first book and this one to be jammed-packed with useful tips and advice. If you have ever watched the Frugal Off Grid YouTube channel, you will easily understand why so many follow him. He is unpretentious and straightforward --- and that is exactly how his books read. Written in a conversational style, John walks you through so much more than just how to ensure that the basics --- food, water, shelter--- are covered. He provides concise, but thorough information needed to make key choices as well as how to troubleshoot when the inevitable happens. As a direct result of this book, I feel more prepared and more confident to move off-grid. I highly recommend getting yourself a copy whether you are just in the dreaming about it stage or are already set to make the leap off-grid.

"John, I've been drinking your tonic for 4-5 days and my blood pressure was 118/73 today!"

- Robin -

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