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Frugal Off Grid

Frugal Off Grid Lose Weight Fast

Frugal Off Grid Lose Weight Fast

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Now, only available on my website. Download my eBook and print it if you like. This book was a number one best seller in multiple categories on Amazon. But I decided Amazon was taking too large of a cut of all my products. I have now removed them all and they are only available here. 

In this book I will teach you everything I know about weight loss and muscle gain. I have lost 150lbs of fat and gained about 5lbs of muscle since I've been living off grid. Anyone can do it. This is exactly what I've done. Including some recipes. 

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Samuels
I bought this book when it first came out.

I have been using the recipes and following the outline. Only I use noodles in the spaghetti. It's so helpful the way John explains weight loss. I am getting better at eating the right amount of calories each day and I have lost 23lbs so far. I'm grateful for the fresh perspective.

Andrew W.
True homesteading at it's finest.

OK, I have bought this book and the others and John has done some fabulous things here in NE AZ. He has given a thoughtful and useful insight into what it takes to live off the grid. He is someone that thinks about others in regard to handling daily functions and ideas within a homestead. It shows what a mind, effort, and thoughts when used one can accomplish. I have taken from him and incorporate it into our off-grid property and welcome more from him in the future. Thank you John for all that you have published and made others aware of what one can accomplish.

Michael Lockwood
A great second effort

John has once again put out a high quality book written with a mix of personal experience and solid scientific information. He leads you through his personal journey of losing over 100 lbs and tells you how you can do it too. He explains exactly how he did it, with a straightforward style that makes you feel as if he is right there telling you how to succeed in your own weight loss journey. "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of one with an opinion".

It works!

In a nutritionally confusing world, I think the author John makes the process of losing weight so easy to understand! This feels so genuine because he has experienced both sides of the coin and has an educated background in the field as well! I can appreciate that this is not another book about a fad or a dash diet, but rather is an easy, uncomplicated way to eat healthfully and exercise regularly (not needing to exercise excessively) to lose weight with the components of consistency and finding a healthy relationship with food.
I am inspired to change my eating patterns and cannot recommend this book highly enough!!

Bought it for the recipes

I don't even need to lose weight lol. This book is helpful still. I can tell you have a background in health and wellness. But the recipes are awesome, so simply, healthy and delicious.

"John, I've been drinking your tonic for 4-5 days and my blood pressure was 118/73 today!"

- Robin -

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