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Frugal Off Grid

Frugal Off Grid "Build an off grid homestead with next to nothing"

Frugal Off Grid "Build an off grid homestead with next to nothing"

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Now, only available on my website. Download my eBook and print it if you like. This book was a number one best seller in multiple categories on Amazon. But I decided Amazon was taking too large of a cut of all my products. I have now removed them all and they are only available here. 

In this book I will teach you everything I learned from my first year living off grid. It's loaded with pictures and information I don't share on my YouTube channel and a great prelude to my next book, "Two years homesteading off the grid alone." 

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Customer Reviews

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Martin Addley
Fun and important read

Fun and important read

I just bought land off grid and this is perfect!

A lot of off grid builds are flashy. This is a budget friendly obtainable version that I can use to build sustainability for my family and I.

I'm happy, you're happy. Thanks for supporting my books on my website rather than on other platforms.

John is real and uncut

I loved the book. It was a nice quick read ( not really quick if you research some items as you go, take note ), that I will always go back too.

I like how he tells you the first things he did on the homestead.
I watch him on YouTube and I've been looking into alternative living and off grid for over 3 years now so I wasn't completely new to this and I still learned something new!

Do some simple structures to get going and later you can change it.

Can't wait to read the new ones. 😍


Worlds worst idea

Seems like a ton of work and Loneliness. Once he gets everything set up, how is he going to deal with the boredom to follow? $20 a week on goceries seems high to me. Is that just for himself or for all his animals as well? Lacks lots of details if you were going to try to replicate this. I give this guy credit for starting his own business and getting out of the rat race. Long term I'm concerned about his mental and physical health.

Hey Gev, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Although your review is not about my book which is what reviews are for rather your review is about not being fond of my lifestyle, I understand you don't like the idea of living off grid or homesteading. Thank you for sharing.

Great story

Loved the story with the pictures to show the description. Great way to see how he built his off grid ranch with almost no cash. Building a on line business to help support his dreams!

"John, I've been drinking your tonic for 4-5 days and my blood pressure was 118/73 today!"

- Robin -

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