How I lowered my blood pressure naturally and quit taking meds

How I lowered my blood pressure naturally and quit taking meds

I want to start out by clarifying that this is only my experience and you should consult your doctor before attempting to quit blood pressure medication or lower your blood pressure.  

I was on the verge of having a stroke.  My BP was 192/114. I could feel it. The pounding pressure in my arteries.  The headaches and occasional dizziness.  I was afraid to check my blood pressure because it was extremely high and I was on multiple blood pressure medications.  

After being on medication and realizing my blood pressure was still climbing,  I decided to take things into my own hands.  I had just moved off grid and didn't want to be a prisoner to medication anyhow.  

The first and most important step towards reducing my blood pressure was weight loss.  I've lost over 140 lbs and you can read all about it in my eBook

The next and crucial component to my blood pressure reduction was to experiment with natural remedies that are backed by science.  

I tried turmeric with black pepper first.  This has been proven to reduce inflammation and can assist in lowering BP and it worked.  It was slowly lowering my BP.

Next I added beet powder which is loaded with nitric oxide, this is very good for your heart and can essentially soften your arteries which in return increases cardio ability and lowers BP.  It worked! My BP continued to improve.  An added benefit to beet powder is the magnesium and potasssium which are both electrolytes which help reduce BP. 

In addition to these natural remedies I added garlic powder for zinc.  Science has shown zinc has a dramatic affect on systolic BP.  And again my BP improved slowly.  At this point my BP was better than it was when I was on medication.  

I then added ginger powder which has been proven to lower your chances of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  This is where a doctor comes into play.  Ginger can have an affect on your bloods ability to clot and can interact with other medications so consult a doctor.  For me,  it simply has aided my BP lowering.  

Finally,  I added diatomaceous earth.  There is science that shows DE can assist in lowering BP, and weight as well as nutrient absorption but there isn't a lot of research in this area.  

Again,  weight loss is the largest contributing factor for me,  as well as quitting alcohol but I truly believe if it wasn't for my black powder tonic,  I may have suffered a stroke a long time ago.  Today my BP is 134/89 which is amazing! I never got anywhere near that with medication.  You can easily source all of these ingredients and experiment to make a good blend for yourself or your can try my black powder tonic which is sourced from pure high quality ingredients and very fairly priced. 

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