Learn to build an off the grid homestead and become more self sufficient

Learn to build an off the grid homestead and become more self sufficient

I moved off the grid in the high desert of Arizona 2 years ago.  I started with raw land,  a van with a trailer and two IBC totes. Two years later I have a functioning homestead,  producing much of my own water, meat and vegetables. 

 Learn to build a homestead off the grid in the high desert of Arizona

In my newest book I tell you everything I've done to become as self-sufficient as possible in such a short time. Soon I'll be harvesting hundreds of pounds meat I raised myself,  this season I'll grow 3 times the produce I did last season.  I'll even start producing feed for my livestock.  My rain harvesting system produces most of the water I need on my homestead but I'm going to at least double it's size.  I tell you all about it in my book.  How did I set up my address? It's in the book.  How did I ammend my soil? In the book.  How do I ship packages for my business? It's in the book.  I'll tell you how to make several sources of income.  How to create homeostasis in the middle of nowhere.  This is the only book you need to understand the basics required to leave the rat race and build your own oases with next to nothing.  

Homesteading the high desert of Arizona on a budget

Stop working so hard to barely get by, when instead you can capitalize on your back breaking hard work and investment.  It's as if the government doesn't want you to know you can build wealth for yourself and your family much faster on your own than you can in the system.  

Pay cash for your land and never pay rent or mortgage again.  Grow your own food and stop being a slave to grocery stores.  Eat healthier,  be healthier, reduce stress and thrive! 

If I could have bought a book like this for less than $30 2 years ago,  you bet I would have.  That's pocket change for all of the knowledge I'm passing on.  I came out here with next to nothing and it was the best decision I've made.  I hope you can find the same kind of balance and happiness that I have by going back to the basics.  

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