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Frugal Off Grid is a company that provides information and resources on how to live a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle off the grid. Their focus is on being frugal with resources and living in a way that minimizes environmental impact. Through YouTube videos, blog posts, and products such as books and solar power systems, they aim to inspire and educate people about off-gird living. The company emphasizes the importance of simplicity, creativity and community in achieving a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. 

frugal off grid water tower and geothermal greenhouse

 John moved off the grid after the pandemic left him without a job.  He's over 100 miles from the nearest city.  He harvests his own water and produces much of his own food on his homestead in the middle of nowhere. He came out to the high desert of Arizona with no job and very little savings and quickly got to work, making sure that he would have plenty of food, water and shelter. After one year off the grid, he released what became an Amazon best seller, detailing how he successfully started a homestead and small business with next to nothing. 

Frugal Off Grid Feral Mustangs

Now, after over three years off the grid, John has a rain harvesting system in place that provides him with roughly 40 gallons of water each day on average.  He has a greenhouse and a geothermal greenhouse setup to use very little water which he can grow in year-round in addition to several hügelkulturs and raised bed gardens. As well as a 3600-gallon pond to water gardens and livestock and two 3600-gallon hand-dug cisterns. He's capable of storing 14000 gallons of water. He keeps goats, pigs, and chickens and is capable of harvesting 1/2lb of meat every day on average. His 13kw solar system provides enough power to run his entire homestead. 

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