Yesterday was nuts!

Yesterday was nuts!

Yesterday morning I checked the satellite images and it looked like my area would be pretty clears. I could see there was a bit of a storm south of me but I figured I would get to the city and back before much of an issue. The storm turned out to be much worse than I thought it would be the further south I drove. It's a two hour drive to the city and by the time I got there it was covered in about 5 inches of snow. I had already seen one car off the side of the highway and many stores were closed. When I went grocery shopping the power shut off and I was told I had ten minutes to grab what I could and check out. I simply grabbed two bags of dog food, two bags of animal feed, 4 bags of cheese and 40lbs of hamburger. I knew I could fill in the blanks with stuff on the homestead. 

When I made my way over to the rock company, I thought they were closed but I caught them in time to pick up a yard of red cinder lava rock. I'm grateful I was able to get a bit of food and the rock or the drive would have been a waste. I almost got stuck just pulling into the place to get loaded but and I wasn't able to make it up the steep driveway to exit so they shoveled the drive and put down some rock to give me traction, then I was on my way home. I was keeping a steady 35mph on the highway. The guy behind me was riding me pretty hard so I thought maybe I was going a bit too slow and bumped it up to 40. Just that 5mph put me into a slide and I almost went off the highway. I took it back down to 35 and pretty drove the entire way home like that. 

It was a pretty wild trip to the city and when I got home I saw that the wind was wild up at my place like it had been on the highway. There must have been 100mph gust and because my dog had torn the greenhouse open at one end, the wind got in there and ripped the hoophouse off the ground and flipped it over. It's pretty banged up, I'm not sure what I'll do with it but I'm sure I'll share that in an upcoming video. 

I hope you guys are enjoying the epic wind down from winter. 

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