Sundgold power tp6048 48v solar system

Upgrading from my 24v Solar System to a 48v SunGoldPower Blue Power TP6048 hybrid charger/ inverter

While I thought this unit did a great job, it stopped working after about six months.  worked with customer service for eight months to repair my unit and they have never returned my unit which cost around $100 to ship to them for repair. 

My current and favorite solar power solution
Zendure 2000w 

I just upgraded from a 24v to a 48v solar system. I'll walk you through everything I did to upgrade. I was able to take down 3 charge controllers, my converter and of course my 24v inverter. This new inverter/ charger has a 120A charger built in which is larger than all 3 of my previous chargers combined.

SunGoldPower blue power TP6048 hybrid inverter / charger off the grid solar system install

This system is safer, less cluttered, more efficient and largely expandable. I can plug my laptop into the system to make adjustments or use my phone via wifi when I get it. With everything in the shop running that I use daily, such as my freezer, two printers, my laptop, two Alexa speakers, my phone charging and two cordless tool batteries charging, I was only pulling about 5% of the available power. I should be able to run my welder and other heavy demand appliances with no issues. The main complaint someone might make about a low frequency inverter/ charger like this one is that they require a lot of energy even in idle but it only takes about 30 minutes to offset that expenditure. Having a hybrid unit like this saves space and makes installing a large solar system easier. It looks pretty sharp too. 

Before anything I mounted my unit to the wall in my shop. I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN so don't take my advice.  This unit should have metal or non flammable material between it and the wall.  Don't mount it directly to the plywood as I have.  

Next I grounded both the AC input and output to my breaker box which is grounded by a copper rod outside my shop. 

How to connect 8 12v batteries to make a 48v battery bank

In order to switch over from a 24v system to a 48v system, I had to re-wire the battery bank.  I'll include a photo and a diagram of how I wired it up.  Once the battery bank is set up you can connect a positive and negative lead to the charger/ inverter and another pair of leads to a bus bar for anything that needs connected to the battery bank.  The positive leads to the unit and bus bar should have a fuse installed so you'll blow it before damaging the unit or appliances.

Connecting 12v batteries to make a 48v battery bank

In addition to changing the wiring to the battery bank I had to re-wire my solar panel array.  I have 7 100w solar panels so I connected them in series to raise the voltage.  48v systems run well with 72v or higher.  My panels are 20v each so connecting 7 totals 140v which seems to be working well for now.  I may change my panels out for 350w panels in the future which will be more efficient. Make sure to install a fuse on your positive lead from the array before plugging into the Blue Power TP6048. 

Connecting 100 watt solar panels to a 48v solar system

In order to connect the solar array, battery bank and AC input / output, you'll have to remove the display panel by removing a few small screws.  

How to connect sun gold power tp6048 blue power hybrid inverter charger

The connectors furthest to the left are for AC input.  Starting with the ground, leg one, leg two then neutral.  AC output is next in the same order.  On the right front you can see PV positive on the left and negative on the right.  Directly behind them are the battery connections for positive and negative.  I'll attach a diagram for the bottom of the unit. 

 Blue power TP6048 connections diagram

7. AC input

8. AC output

9. PV +/-

10. Battery +/-

11-15-16-18 are connections for the controller

13-14 are for connecting parallel units

With all connections correctly installed you can power the unit on.  When looking at the display of you get a red light on the third button down on the right side you have a fault code.  I would take note of the fault code and power the system down to correct installation.  Otherwise, you should see a blinking green light on the second button down on the right side of your solar array is charging the battery bank.  You should see a green light blinking on the first button on the right if AC power is ready to be used.  

Your system is installed.  Hopefully you found this information useful.  Refer to the manual with any questions.  I'll include a video below of my installation.  

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