how to find and buy cheap land with financing for off grid homesteading

Build your own oasis, homesteading the southwest.

One of the questions I get asked most is, how to find and buy land.  If you can afford to pay in full for property I suggest using Google to target keywords that will help you locate ideal property for you.   

 My Self Reliance - Frugal Off Grid an Arizona High Desert Southwest Homestead

On the other hand,  if you need to finance land and have less than stellar credit I recommend Discount Lots. You can save 10% off of your new oasis with my code DLFRUGAL10.  

 finance off grid land for homesteading

Not only will Discount Lots finance you as low as $200mo they will allow you to start building right away.  Many people avoid financing because other places won't allow you to build until it's paid off.  

 How to buy land for off grid homesteading

Discount lots was designed with people like me in mind.  Not everyone dreams of homesteading the high desert of the southwest but that's largely the land they focus on.  

 how to start a homestead for beginners

I absolutely love my frugal and sustainable homestead.  I have lived off grid in the middle of nowhere, nearly three years now.  I harvest rainwater, grow food, raise livestock.  I have built a root cellar, dug my own cisterns and geothermal greenhouse.  I'm currently starting an aquaponics system to grow fish and I just ordered honey bees.  You can have an oasis like mine with very minimal cash.  Most of my homestead grew from hard work which I have loved every bit of.  

 off grid homesteading for beginners

Make sure you use my code DLFRUGAL10 for a huge savings.  10% off a piece of land is amazing.  Plus you'll be supporting my homestead because I get a nice little bonus when you use my link.  

frugal off grid eBook bundle discount homesteading for beginners books

Learn more about off the grid homesteading in my books! Get my bundle for 50% off for a limited time. 

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Hey Maurice. Thanks for following the blog. You’re right, that’s about the biggest and most common issue with owner finance. It can be a good opportunity but most people want to be able to start building before it’s paid off. Because DL actually owns all of the land they sale , they can take the risk of allowing people to work their land.

Frugal Off Grid

Great point about making sure you can start building on financed land. When my wife and I were looking, many of the easy finanacing or “owner can carry” deals had a little clause in there that keep you from building until after it’s paid off. Usually you don’t notice that until you’re all excited and think it’s the perfect land for you…


That’s a huge compliment. I’m happy to hear you had a good experience. I have had several land companies try to sponsor the channel. So far DL just fits the bill.

Frugal Off Grid

John! like you, I had a rough financial situation because of covid. I had just started my own gym and was forced to close the doors. It put me and my family in a bad place. I had been watching your videos and wanted to do something similar but couldn’t find a way to do it. My credit was ruined although I have always had great credit. I’m grateful you vetted this company and found them to be honest and to have integrity. I have already paid off my property and it’s taking shape like yours. Thank you a lot for helping us out. Cheers!


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