The BEST Cheap Body Armor AR 500 A2 Level III+

The BEST Cheap Body Armor AR 500 A2 Level III+

THIS is the BEST Frugal option if you're looking for high quality but cheap level III+ body armor. 

Cheap level III+ Body Armor AR500 A2 the best thin light weight plates

This website is all about off grid frugal living so when I decided to talk about homestead defense and body armor I wanted to offer you more than one frugal option. The first video I made was building a set of level III+ body armor from scrap material for next to nothing! This option is for anyone who just can't afford professional grade armor. Also if SHTF you won't likely be able to go buy any. 

For everyone else, THIS is the BEST cheap armor around in my opinion. Armored Republic's A2 steel plates are only 1/4" thin. They come in at just 5.5lbs which is lighter than many ceramic plates. They offer edge to edge and multi shot protection. And the biggest complaint anyone would make about steel plates is fragmentation but AR500 has solved this issue with their patented base coat and frag lock layers. The base coat reflects fragmentation while frag lock will completely absorb it. In my opinion there is not a better plate on the market at this entry level price. Not to mention their plate carriers are as cheap as amazon carriers and they're built to a much higher standard. 

best cheap plate carrier ar 500 

If you're looking for other levels of armor or cheap, high quality plate carriers, they off THAT too. My favorite features of their vests are, being twice as thick as other brands and being able to actually use the drag handle on the back to pull an injured party to safety. 

You can check out this body armor HERE or watch my video below to learn more.

 If you make a purchase using my link I get commission. 


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Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Randy. I don’t have any carrots but I’ll see if they like fresh lettuce today. I agree, I really do like these plates. Thin, Light and good protection. You don’t need to spend 1k when the protection is essentially the same.

Frugal Off Grid

I love AR500 and these plates really are a good mixture of affordable and great protection. The fragmentation coatings seem to work really well. thanks for sharing John. Another great blog. Have a good morning and feed the horses a carrot for me.


Hi Jesse, I think most people have insurance on their car. It’s not that they plan to get into an accident but rather a precaution. It’s good to be prepared. I don’t know if you’ve watched the news lately but bad stuff DOES happen and if you’re prepared you’re 100% better off.

Frugal Off Grid

Why do you need armor?


TwoLeftFeet, Thanks for interacting with my blog! I think the DIY armor is amazing for nearly free and so are these plates for half the cost of many others. Have a good Christmas.

Frugal Off Grid

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