Off Grid Cat Man

Off Grid Cat Man

HI! I'm John. I have lived off grid in the high desert for nearly three years now. Unfortunately I have lost a couple cats to the coyotes in that time. I just picked up five new kittens and this is how I plan to keep them safe. It's paramount I work this out because without cats, my gardens are under constant attack by mice. I plan to give these cats a comfortable forever home and feed them all the mice and cat food they can dream off. Hell, we might even enjoy each others company.

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Good morning,
I have been following for quite some time now. I contacted Discount Lots but unfortunately you they have no land in area I’m looking for. But I have not given up. I have been looking for 4 months I feel I am getting closer to my dream homestead. I have driven east, south. And to the west a short distance. Now I need to narrow it down to where is the best place for me and get it done. I like your water catchment you are doing, I’d like to have a pond big enough to grow fish to catch and eat. Big thoughts…
You have a wonderful day.
Thank you for all your sharing .
Janet Jansen

janet jansen

I have always loved cats. I hope yours stay safe this time.


Hello! I love your channel! I have been barrable in the workplace for many years so I am planning to buy a van and I was thinking of rent a spot at caballo loco ranch in Arizona because of the community they have there but I am a loner as well so I am fine being alone so maybe I’ll buy instead. I’ve always planned on buying some land out west because it’s so cheap but I guess I’m still deciding. Lol I just want a van more than anything so I can get started off grid somehow. I work for myself cleaning homes but I shouldn’t be on my feet with a job because my feet are bad so it’s killing them and the rest of my body. I wear a walk boot to help and it does but I still hurt. So I’m hoping I can handle it another couple of years. I don’t regret making the change to working for myself at all I just can’t keep it up physically. I’m glad I found your channel and look forward to more videos! And I’m so proud of you for not failing and proving the ones that thought you would wrong! Take care and happy trails!

Sherrie Balazs

Glad to meet you Cat Man John. I always think about going off grid so I like watching your videos.

Edward Jackson

Cats are hard out here, we had two when we moved, built a 6’ hardware cloth fence to contain them and one has left and not come back. It seems hard to keep them safe unless they are very use to staying close to you like the one I have left. We want to get another mouser but idk if we can keep it safe so I havent..haven’t… I did decide to get gps collars for any new cats I get than may help. It would be hard for you to put up a fence in your set up, maybe each cat can live in different greenhouses to contain them and keep your plants safe? Good luck!

Little happy homestead

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