My WILD 9 mile jog in the high desert of Arizona

My WILD 9 mile jog in the high desert of Arizona

I took my dog Incus on a jog to the to the furthest cliff face near my homestead! We saw two elk, a cave and one of the most epic views around. The total trip was 9.5 miles because we decided to take a longer route home. 

Frugal off grid 9 mile jog high desert of Arizona with dog Incus

There are several dirt roads that crisscross the map in my area from cattle ranchers. Many of these roads have not been traveled in decades. It's interesting to look at the map then try to follow these roads, many fade away to game trails and some just don't seem to exist at all. The high desert winds blow heavy sands year round burying much of what once existed. 

High desert of Arizona wash

We were only a few miles in when a elk ran across the road in front of us. Incus wanted to take after him and I had to call him back which likely spooked more of them away but one more did follow behind. 

Frugal off grid elk in the high desert of Arizona

Eventually the road crosses through a very deep wash. You might not want to cross this one. We made our way up to an enormous cliff edge where you can see for miles. The camera just doesn't do it justice. It's so much larger in real life but you may get the point. We found a hole in the earth large enough to crawl into which water has clearly drained into and must come out somewhere on the other side. We were careful to stay on the sturdy crests to avoid breaking through. 

High desert of Arizona over looking Concho by Frugal Off Grid

High desert of Arizona red clay cliffs frugal off grid

Finally I decided to run down the wash at the base and tried to go down a road that no longer exists. Eventually we made it around the long way to the homestead. I was so beat I didn't even want to eat. I just made a protein shake, rolled my back out and laid down for a couple hours. There are many beautiful views to be seen in the high desert of Arizona. If you'd like to watch the experience you can tune in on my YouTube channel. 

Incus border collie drinking water high desert of Arizona

High desert of Arizona wash frugal off grid 9 mile jog

Water in the soil high desert of Arizona frugal off grid

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