My first time hunting black bear, deer and mountain lion in the high desert of Arizona - Frugal Off Grid

by John Hancock

Hey guys! My name is John, I moved off the grid to build a frugal and sustainable homestead just over two years ago. I haven't been hunting in 20 years and wanted to give it a go this year. I was able to get my OTC deer, bear and mountain lion tags. For now, I can only hunt bear and mountain lion but soon I'll be able to hunt any deer with antlers. If you start at the bottom of this blog and work your way to the top, you'll see my videos in order. Or you can just pick and choose topics you're interested in. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you would like to try my unique products or learn more about my homestead you can find it all on my website.

In this video I spend a couple days scouting the land around my homestead. I would rather not travel to hunt if I don't have to. I have seen black bear our here and I found bear scat my first day out. I have also seen elk all three days that I have gone out so far. 

 In this video I set up some free ground blinds on my property. These will be better for deer when they are in season and next season for elk if I can get a tag. 

 In this video I sight in my budget bow by creative xp. While I nailed the target pretty well at 80 yards it's just for practice. I would usually be shooting between 20 and 40 yards.