Huge compost piles from my little high desert homestead

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vevor 1400lb rated garden wagon



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I am looking for about your product place lace me a message .when I post this, I am looking for more information on this .
See your video live off the grid . me I live in Kentucky I am trying to find a piece of land where I can put a tiny house up on some some land I see what the world is coming to I want to race my own food and Race by stock and go a garden get my problem is I do not have a lot of income coming in I wonder how you got your piece of land you bought I am looking for more information you can send me to help me out I seen much of your videos keep posting them cuz I save them and watch them whenever I need to it helps me out keep the good job up and be safe and keep yourself well hope everything goes good there with you


Paul, the cart is too much? Interesting perspective. It’s much more affordable than other brands. Almost half the cost. Thanks for commenting.

Frugal Off Grid


Paul VeuCasovic

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