I went on a 7 mile jog to the highest point near my homestead and back

by John Hancock

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This morning I decided to take you guys with me on a hike to the highest point near my homestead.  Ancestral puebloan pottery is common in these areas. I figured if the puebloan people were going to build a pueblo anywhere near me this would be the spot.  
Ancestral puebloan homes
I wouldn't expect to find anything this amazing on my jog but any remaining pottery and potential signs of living would be pretty cool.  I attempted to drive out to this location about six months ago but didn't want to get stuck in the deep sand and I turned back.  Now with the tools I have I would drive all the way out but at the time it didn't seem wise. 
High desert of Arizona
There is a road from about 30 years back but it's nearly blown away.  This is about as far as I drove in the first time.  
Frugal Off Grid high desert of Arizona
This is my first view from up top.  I don't think the picture does justice but I'm at nearly 6200ft elevation in this picture.  
Frugal off grid petrified wood high desert of Arizona
I was surprised to find petrified wood up top but I wasn't surpassed to find pottery pieces.  
Ancestral puebloan pottery pieces frugal off grid high desert Arizona
The view is spectacular.  There was a raven flying overhead and the wind was powerful.  
Arizona high desert frugal Off Grid
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