How to install an EG4 Hybrid Solar Air conditioning unit

How to install an EG4 Hybrid Solar Air conditioning unit

By the end of this blog, you will be confident about installing your EG4 hybrid solar air conditioning system.  Any links in this blog are affiliate links so I'll get a small referral bonus and you'll be helping me build my humble homestead. After four years, living off grid,  technology has finally advanced enough that I can install a true air conditioning system and run it anytime I want. 

The system was delivered on a freight truck.  I drove out to the highway to make his life easier.  Upon inspecting the unit, I was impressed with the quality build. 

This unit can be connected directly to solar panels! No need for an expensive, inverter,  charge controller or batteries.  But, if you're like me,  you'd rather do both.  This system will easily run every hour that the sun is up,  strictly on solar panels and when the sun goes down it will run off of my completely separate solar system that's in my camper van.  

After locating the metal stud that runs across the roof of my van.  I drilled holes,  filled them with roofing silicone and tightened the unit down so it's attached to the metal stud.  Then I moved my storage rack close to the unit so I could attach the unit to the rack as well. Making it very secure.  

I used the included pattern to place the wall bracket, making sure I had clearance and the ability to open the other door.  

With the bracket in place I hung the unit to make sure it would fit before connecting the lines and wires. Facing the back of the unit run the electric wire through the round hole up to the front.  Lift the front lid open and remove the plastic panel to access the wire harness.  The wires and the bolts are clearly labeled.  Close it up when complete. 

After you connect the wires and lines inside,  move to the outdoor unit. 

After I ran the wires I attached the lines.  Starting with the inside unit.  Make sure they're hand tight before connecting the outside unit.  

Once all lines are connected,  use the enclosed Allen wrench to turn the lower valve to the left,  open it all the way up and replace the cap.  Do the same to the upper valve.  Now you can connect the wires to the outside unit. 

Again they're clearly labeled.  Once the wires from the inside unit are connected you can run an extention cord up to the outside unit from the inverter of your solar system.  You can connect your pv array positive to positive and negative to negative.  With everything connected you can turn it on.  

If you haven't got your unit yet you can get yours here: I put together a 30 minute video with chapters so you can easily navigate any information you may need on this install. I also simplified the formula you need to guage exactly how large of an array you can attach.  I tested the watts required and detail why I think this is the best unit around.  

Thanks,  leave a comment and I'll do my best to reply.  

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Thank you for sharing, Jennifer.

Frugal Off Grid

Thank you so much! I’m not very handy and this really helps.

Jennifer Holt

No sweat, I’m happily to help. Congratulations on your air conditioner!

Frugal Off Grid

This is great! Thank you! I was having trouble figuring out how many panels to set up.


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