How to glass eggs for long-term food storage

How to glass eggs for long-term food storage

How to glass eggs for long-term food storage

Glassing eggs is a very simple way to store eggs you harvest from your chickens. I've personally stored eggs for over 6 months on the shelf in my shop in the high desert.  I hardboiled many and made French toast with others.  They were perfectly good and I've heard you can store them at least a year this way.  So how do you do it? 

Glassing eggs in Pickling lime

Simply grab a jar, sometimes I buy pickles in the largest jar at the store for food storage because it's cheaper than buying a jar that size alone.  It seems like I have been able to fit 30 eggs in a jar that size.  In this example I grabbed a regular canning jar and fit 8 eggs inside.  

Storing eggs in Pickling lime

All you have to do is add Pickling lime to the jar. I added two tablespoons.  If you fill the jar to the brim with water it should be easy to shake them gently without breaking them.  Mix up the solution until it's milky and set it on the shelf for storage.  The first few days I give it a shake.  The reason this works is,  the lime seals the pours of the egg not allowing bacteria to get in.  Due to this the eggs cannot spoil.  If you'd like to give it a shot I'll share an affiliate link to the Pickling lime.  Don't forget to join my mailing list for a free copy of my homesteading eBook and the occasional update about my Arizona Homestead.  Cheers! 

Mrs. Wages Lime Pickling Mix 

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