How I know my Boer goat is close to kidding

How I know my Boer goat is close to kidding

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A lot of you have asked me if my doe will ever have kids and the truth is, I've been living off the grid for less than two years. I didn't get my Boer Goats until I was hear about 6mo so they are just about a year and a half old now. Magdeline, my doe is absolutely getting real close to kidding. This will be my first experience with goats kidding but I have done some research and the fact that it appears her stomach is starting to fall and the ligaments along the sides of her tail are softening up causing the skin to indent a bit in combination to her udders suddenly showing up are all pretty clear signs she's getting close. Like most videos I do I kind of take you along with me for a few days on my homestead and a project I have been working on is my 10 foot by 10 foot homesteading gym. I have a squat cage and Noah was nice enough to send in the Fitness Reality lat pull down machine that was on my wish list. It's not an exact match for my squat cage but I was confident I could customize it to work and in this video I show you how I cut down the cross member from the fitness reality pull down attachment so that it would fit my slightly smaller cage. I also weld and paint the cross member and point out the few spots I had to drill new holes. It's a great setup if you don't have the fitness reality cage. If you do, it will simple attach without customization. I'll point out the Fitness Reality section in the time stamps below so you can easily search and jump to that part if you're not much of a homesteader. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and consider purchasing my book or products. The links are above. I'll put links below for the actual fitness reality cage and attachment.

Fitness reality squat cage with lat pull down option

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