Homesteading for beginners

Homesteading for beginners, how to get started living off grid.

I've been living off the grid in the high desert of Arizona a nearly three years now. In today's video I talk about homesteading for beginners. 

I started homesteading to get out of the rat race. I remember as far back as five years old, I had already decided I wanted to live this way but growing up I lost track of what I was passionate about and was simply trying to survive. The way I guess most people are, living pay check to pay check, working a nine to five. 

Today when I googled "homestead" I wasn't surprised to see that it wasn't defined the way I think of it at all. It simply stated, "A building and it's surrounding out buildings." I think they're missing a large part of the picture. And that is, homesteading is about homeostasis. Our ancestors where building a home that could provide nearly all of their needs. That's what homesteading is to me. 

My biggest suggestion is likely, if you want to homestead. Then you should get started homesteading. The best way to get started is to invest in a piece of land. Worst case, you have made an investment. 

Anyone can homestead as long as they provide for themselves, food, water and shelter. This day in age, you'll probably want a source of income and some electricity as well. 

Redundancy is largely beneficial for a homestead. If one source of water spoils or leaks, you have multiple back ups. Same goes for heat and so on. 

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If you don't already have a one year food storage set aside of the foods you enjoy eating. I suggest buying enough rice and beans to sustain minimum BMR for each member of your family. That way you have something in emergency and you can start to work it in with meals and cycle your storage. You can start to add food items you enjoy and continual build your storage.

You need to have water as well, right out the gate. That means building a sustainable rain harvesting system or digging a well in most cases. 

Make sure you have a home of sorts, a tent in the worst case or build a home from scratch if you can.  

Give yourself something special from the start. If that means a hot shower day one or a comfortable home, it will make it easier if you can enjoy yourself. 

Ask yourself why you're doing it and cater to yourself. 

Finally, enjoy it. What other purpose would you do it all for if not to enjoy it. 

I hope you find this blog post helpful. Check out my video on YouTube, I'll post it below and leave a comment here on my blog. I'll do my best to respond to them all. 

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Hi John, I’m happy you’re adding more content to your blog. I’m a long time viewer.

Vanessa Gram

Please make a video on how you built your water filter.


Congratulations Michelle! Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the giveaway.

Frugal Off Grid

Great giveaway and ideas on how to start homesteading. Have land in Northern Arizona that will be improving this fall


Don’t be shy. If you have any questions, leave a comment here on my blog. I’ll do my best to respond to them all. Thanks!

Frugal Off Grid

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