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Here's what Apache County Arizona isn't telling you about PERMITS

Hey guys! My name is John, I have lived off grid over three years now, in Apache County Arizona. I have hundreds of free videos on my YouTube Channel. But if you are interested in the documents I have obtained over the past several years communicating with the county and a detailed video discussing what I have learned about permits in Apache County then this video is for you. 

There is an alternative septic system available that costs about half of what a standard septic costs. I've never heard anyone discuss this system nor have I ever seen a list that breaks down each item required like the one I have obtained from the county. I have several documents I have obtained over the years that are all included. Of course you can get these documents from the county but it took me years to do just that and they're all right here in a handy folder. Images, lists, and code that detail a standard septic and an alternative septic system. 

In this video I will tell you how all of this information correlates with living in an RV or obtaining permits for building your future home. I'll tell you what you can do, and how I plan to move forward with my homestead. 

Apache County Arizona Permit Secrets

I appreciate you stopping by. Comment below if you're working on your future homestead. And I'll catch you on my next blog post. Thanks! 

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I am currently in the middle of purchasing land in Apache county to live off grid with my wife and 3 sons we are on a very tight budget and would love any advice you can give me I will be ordering some of you books I look forward to hearing from you have a blessed day

Levi Blount

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