Happy Easter

Happy Easter

I don't really celebrate holidays much.  I was just texting a friend when I realized, it's Easter.  As a kid growing up in the Mormon church,  I remember being excited to color eggs and possibly go on an egg hunt.  My parents wouldn't go with me to church, rather send me with neighborhood families.  I think that put a sour taste in my mouth in relation to religion.  When I was 7 my parents had a huge fight and separated on Easter.  Along the way I wound up homeless and my dad remarried and was an elder in the church.  I called and asked if I could stay a few nights,  it was so cold.  I was sleeping under a pay phone and I would wake up every few hours to get a hot cup of coffee just to hold it and stay a bit warmer.  My dad told me he had a new family and I was on my own.  At this point I was 15 at most.  I think that experience also pushed me away from religion.  

Long story short, I am no longer religious and never will be.  I completely respect everyone else's perspectives and support them in their choices.  I find it very disrespectful how so many religious people aren't simply content being themselves though and how they feel the need to push their perspective on others.  

As I've grown,  I studied most major religions.  The fact that there are roughly 3000 religions,  all claiming to be the only true religion, leaves room for discrepancies.  Of all the religions I studied,  my favorite was never meant to be one in the first place.  Buddhism.  

What I've come to believe the more I've matured is,  we're all likely looking at the same picture with the same outcome from different perspectives.  What it all boils down to for me is,  we should all do our best each day,  treat others the way we want to be treated,  try not to judge others, never assume to know what others have been through,  compete with only ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.  I think these ethics are pretty well standard across the board for everyone.  

No matter the way you see the world.  I respect your freedom to see it as you do. If religion leads you to judge others and shame others,  you're probably doing it wrong but I think overall it can be a very positive structure for many.  

At the end of the day,  if we all do our best,  I think we're on the right track.  

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Well said! You are an inspiration.


I’m glad you’re doing well now,Dale. Families are great but silence and aloneness are great too.

You’ve created a beautiful place out there in Arizona. I grew up in that state. The twilight is wonderful.i love the scent of the creosote bushes after a rain.
You’re doing well, and I’m sure your aloneness has given you more poignant senses. Keep up the good work and let your life carry you! Happy Easter!

Laura Bentley

Dale, it can’t hurt to each do our best to be decent people. Thanks for stopping by.

Frugal Off Grid

Sorry your life was negative on religion I think you doing ok it’s not what churches attend its how welive and treat people my self I just believe in God and that he love me and forgives my sin all else will take care of its self

Dale Bennett

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