Full day on Frugal Off Grid Arizona Homestead in Northern AZ

Full day on Frugal Off Grid Arizona Homestead in Northern AZ

Come spend a full day on my Frugal Off Grid Arizona Homestead.  

Frugal off grid full day on the homestead northern Arizona

I started my day out with turmeric, beet, garlic and pepper drink.  I washed it down with coffee and got to work around the homestead.  

Frugal off grid Arizona Homestead garden flower

I check my gardens first thing every morning just to make sure I don't miss anything.  

Frugal off grid northern Arizona goats

After I check the gardens I feed the livestock and dogs. 

Frugal off grid hybrid willow trees

I made sure my new moringa seeds and hybrid willow trees were doing well before getting to work.  

Frugal off grid geothermal greenhouse

I have needed to fix the plastic on my greenhouse a long time.  I'm grateful I was able to get to it before the snow destroyed it.  

Frugal off grid laundry setup

I did a load of laundry to show you guys how the grey water drains into my swales. 

Frugal off grid security camera mounting

Since I had the ladder out I moved my security camera solar panel onto the roof.  I did quiet a bit around the homestead.  You can check it out in my new video up top. 

If you'd like to learn more about my homestead click here to visit my website .  

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