frugal off grid ultimate failure vevor melting furnace and thickness planer

Frugal Off Grid Ultimate Homesteading Failure

This is my all time biggest failure since I moved off the grid nearly three years ago to start my frugal and sustainable homestead. 

The last few weeks I have been real busy preparing for spring on my Arizona high desert homestead. In the midst of all of my regular homestead chores I have been experimenting with different projects that will prove to be fruitful eventually. I most often try to do things as frugal as possible while still creating a good outcome. The other day I wanted to try my hand at sand casting. Being able to melt metal and pour my own tools will be a great resource around my homestead. 

I have never sand casted anything but I knew I had to build a box to sand cast in so I used my new thickness planer to rip the stain off of a couple cedar pickets I had left over from my van build. Once I put my box together I lit up my melting furnace and the rest is history. Check out my newest video to learn how it all went. 

This is one of my longest and most packed videos I have ever made. With cooking, projects, chores and day to day life around my homestead. 

If you want to snag a melting furnace or thickness planer like mine I'll leave the links here:

Vevor melting furnace

Vevor thickness planer

Here are the power stations from this video

Zendure power stations

And if you'd like to get your ham radio licenses this is how I got mine save 20%

Ham Radio Course

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These videos just keep getting better!


John! I took the ham course you linked to and I passed easily. Thanks dude, I have been afraid to take the test for 8 years.


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