DEFCON EMP Vehicle Protection

DEFCON EMP Vehicle Protection

defcon emp vehicle protection

A few months back I decided to do some research regarding EMPs. While I was doing so I stumbled upon DEFCON an American company that's owned by an electrical engineer. I learned a lot from his website and found that he had exactly the high quality products I was looking for to protect my homestead solar system and vehicle. 

vehicle emp shield

This is the DEFCON vehicle protection device. It's very easy to install and will protect your vehicle against up to 270,000amps and should protect you from any number of different types of EMP. 

emp protection device

This device is built to last, with a green light so you'll be sure it's working and a heavy, solid casing. It could potentially save your vehicle from multiple different EMPs. Providing an extra buffer of defense to your home or homestead. 

You can save 10% now on yours HERE with code: FRUGALOFFGRID and if you'd like to learn more I'll post a video below. 

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