Cheap solar powered aquaponics system in the high desert of Arizona

Cheap solar powered aquaponics system in the high desert of Arizona




My frugal solar powered aquaponics system is built with frugality and sustainability in mind. I moved off grid to the high desert of Arizona almost three years ago to build a frugal and sustainable homestead. My solar powered aquaponics system is designed to use the least amount of solar power possible while still maintaining good temperature, water flow, and oxygen levels. The geothermal greenhouse I built is roughly 32' x 16' and 6' deep. There are 200 linear feet of corrugated 4" tubing that runs about 4 feet underground which is about 8 feet under ground level. Pumping air through this tubing with a 3" 150 CFM 2.45 amp inline fan regulates the temperature so that it's about about 25 degrees warmer in the winter and 25 degrees cooler in the summer. (I just set this fan up so the difference may be better. I need time to test. With 2 pc fans I was able to maintain 20 degrees difference.) This system regulates the temperature while a large air pump and the bell syphon add oxygen to the system. The system cycles roughly 3-4 times per hour and a simple 12v bilge pump keeps the water moving. My grow bed is an old trailer bed, lined with vinyl liner. I made the bell syphon with scrap material and the aquarium below was a gift. I spent about $30 on the red cinder rock. All together I'm probably out $100 so far on this system. Thanks for watching, if you'd like to learn more about my homestead you can get all three of my eBooks for 50% off for a limited time on my website.


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I think this is a great example of building everything you need by reusing and recycling as much as possible. Warren buffet talks about this all the time.


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