Arizona HB 2097 Off Grid Living GREYWATER no septic system required

Arizona HB 2097 Off Grid Living GREYWATER no septic system required

House Bill 2097 overview ( click the link then search 2097)

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If you like this bill, and want to help get it passed, it would be great if you could help show support for the bill by contacting (by email and phone) the members of the NREW Senate Committee and respectfully letting them know why you support the bill. Focus on how this bill will help people conserve water and make it easier for people without a lot of money to live in a sustainable, affordable way.

The following is a list of the names of  the committee members, along with their contact information:

Frank Carroll (R)
Phone: (602) 926-3249

Brian Fernandez  (D)
Phone: (602) 926-3098

David Gowan (R)
Phone: (602) 926-5154

Sine Kerr (Chair) (R)
Phone: (602) 926-5955

Juan Mendez (D)
Phone: (602) 926-4124

Thomas "T.J." Shope (Vice-Chair) (R)
Phone: (602) 926-3012

Priya Sundareshan (D)
Phone: (602) 926-3437

Additionally, if you  would like to testify in support of the bill, you can come to the committee hearing tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 7, at 9:00 am at the State Capitol in the Senate Building (the building that is to the left, as you face the Capitol) in room SHR 2.

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Gayle, it is legal to allow graywater to absorb into the earth on your property as long as its not an open pond. I have a large swale that my shower water soaks into.
I have a separate pail privy compost toilet that’s inspected and permitted.
The issue is currently this system does not replace a septic system but should qualify if the bill passes which would allow a home to be permitted without septic.

Frugal Off Grid

How are you currently dealing with gray water on your homestead?


Hi Doralee, the bill is about 50% of the way through the process. It looks promising and I’ll post an update soon.

Frugal Off Grid

Hb2097 Do you know if this got passed? Thanks We have property in Navajo county..

Doralee Garcia

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