Abearl p5000 Largest solar generator power station for off grid homesteading

Abearl P5000 Largest solar generator power station for off grid homesteading

Abearl P500 is the largest power station I have ever tested! In fact it lasts longer than the large 48v system I installed on my off grid homestead. I have had 8 100ah lead acid batteries with a 48v 6000w hybrid inverter set up on my homestead for around a year and have never been able to get it to power my homestead as long as this Abearl system. 

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The P5000 Kickstater project will launch on Feb 3, 2023 First 100 units sell at an unbelievable price, $2099, users follow 3 steps to get the 5KwAh power station with the cutthroat price. 1. Pay $100 to purchase $500 coupon via ABEARLPOWER.com (limited quantity) 2. Purchase P5000 with super early bird price, $2499,on Kickstater after ABEARL launches the project.(Only 100 units available) 3. ABEARL will withdraw $500 to your bank account in 10 days after the Kickstater project. (You will get $500 cash back 

P5000 Highlights

1. Highest power density per kilo, which makes it the most lightweight and compact power station in world, 52% lighter than mainstream 5000WAh power station. 2. Fastest recharging rate, 1800W AC input, 1000W with solar panels. 2. Portable, with wheel and rod 3. Safe, a more stable LiFeSO4 with best Battery management system



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That’s wild Dylan. What part of South Africa are you in? Hopefully you win!

Frugal Off Grid

We have permanently power outages in south africa 3 times a day four 2hours or 4hours we starting on Friday with 6hours of loadshedding a day 3times a day so yes its bad and they say to us more generators broke down damn eskom, so yes a power
station or genarator would be awesome.

Dylan meyer

Appreciate the comment Jesse. Henry, I have run my welder on a cheap 4000w inverter. This inverter is pure sinewave. It should work but I haven’t tried yet. I’ll give it a shot soon and I’ll mention it in a video. I’ll try to come back here and update you as well.

Frugal Off Grid

Can it power a welder?

Henry Shofar

Whoa! That thing is massive! Thank you for really testing it out. Not just sitting it on a table and reviewing what is in the manual.

Jesse E

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