Top 5 emergency antibiotics and where to get them

by John Hancock

100 years ago the top 5 causes of death in America were gastrointestinal infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, heart disease and kidney failure.  Since then antibiotics have changed life as we know it however bacterial infections are still a serious killer. What would you do if the pharmacy ran out of antibiotics or a bioterrorist attack prevented you from being able to get to a hospital? 

Top 5 Emergency antibiotics and where to get them

Roughly 80% of antibiotics are manufactured over seas. What happens if we stop receiving shipments of much needed antibiotics? If the hospitals are stocked up like grocery stores, there are only a weeks worth of medicine in stock at any given time.  It won't do you much good anyway without a prescription.  

Anthrax exposure what to do survival Prepping

Here are the TOP 5 emergency antibiotics and where to get them: 

Amoxicillin- bite wounds, pneumonia, sinusitis 

Azithromycin- pneumonia, urinary tract infection, traveller's diarrhea 

Cipofloxacin- anthrax exposure, plague exposure, traveler's diarrhea, tularemia

Doxycycline- anthrax exposure, bites,plague, skin infection, tetanus, tularemia 

Metronidazole- bacterial vagenosis, giardia, clostridioides defficile, tetanus, trichomoniasis

Many people order antibiotics from unreliable sources,  pet antibiotics and antibiotics from the black market.  Do you really want to put your life at risk over a simple prescription and a few bucks? Now you can get a year supply of all 5 antibiotics from jase medical.  

Jase medical antibiotics kit top 5

The kit comes with everything pictured,  if you're allergic to one med they will customize your kit without that med. The Guide will tell you everything you need to know.  My kit came with about 10 treatments. So it's roughly $26 per treatment.  You can get your entire kit for around $260. Just visit their website for more details.  

Jase medical 

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