THIS is why I moved off the grid to start homesteading in the high desert of Arizona

THIS is why I moved off the grid to start homesteading in the high desert of Arizona

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Did you know I used to own a recording studio? Well I did. It was very successful. I started in the garage of my home. Quickly I had to book people a month out. I simply couldn't keep up with the demand. In the recording studio I built in my garage I had a vision board and on that vision board was a picture of the "ideal" cabin built over a creek in the mountains, in the middle of somewhere.. . It had been a dream of mine since I was a boy to live in solitude and provide for myself. Flash forward a couple years I had moved the studio to a building on state street. I had made a few bad decisions along the way and decided to shut the studio down. I wound up taking a job as a driver for a produce company. It was entry level but I had plans to work my way up. I used to be a truck driver so driving a box truck was easy but pulling all the orders to go out each day was a really tough job. I excelled at it and soon was offered a position as a warehouse manager. I was already running an ecommerce site making about 40k flipping amazon products when they gave me a raise to 60k at the warehouse. I was making pretty good money although I was working about as hard as I possibly could. Anyhow, Covid19 happened. I guess my company panicked because they laid off the entire night shift which included me.  I had a pretty substantial savings but had just spent most of it on upgrades to the van because I never imagined I was going to be laid off. I put in about 30 applications immediately but no one was hiring. 

dream cabin over a creek in the middle of the mountains winter trees

I decided to take the last of my savings and find myself a piece of land that I could park my van on and start a new business and build a homestead. Of course I had the dream cabin in mind but I didn't have that kind of money. As I looked for land some of the best deals I could find were in Arizona. It happened by chance, I wasn't looking there originally I simply broadened my search on land watch to the entire United States in hopes of finding something within my means. Meaning I could pay cash and have enough left over to build some sort of infrastructure and start a business

Well, I did it! I bought some land in Arizona and ran for the hills. Or lack there of. I was already living in my van because I was planning on saving a bunch of money but life doesn't always unfold the way you plan. I bought a small trailer and two IBC totes so I would have water. I brought about 6 months of food with me and 6k. To some people that's a lot and to others it's not, but for starting over from scratch, it's not a lot. When I pulled up to my land it was raw. 

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I knew I didn't have much but I needed to be sure I had food, water and shelter. One of the first things I did was build a shop to run my business out of. 

Frugal off grid, high desert homestead arizona

Soon I had a small homestead up and running. The day I started my business I had no money left. I ran $100 in ads on Facebook to get it going and took it from there. I risked it all to make this happen. I didn't have much or make much at first but I had a home and I was living on my own terms. 

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