The ultimate solar generator company for budget and quality 2023 Zendure

The ultimate solar generator company for budget and quality 2023 Zendure

I have been running my entire homestead 24/7 for over a week with continuous power on this Zendure Superbase V 4600 unit. What's even more amazing is that you can add 4 satellite batteries to this unit to expand power storage and this is not the largest unit they offer! 

I had a large 48v system in my shop that failed. It was a 6000w inverter \ charger combo with 8 100ah SLA batteries. Which cost about the same as one of these units. It never got me through an entire night, running my starlink, computer and charging items like I do each day. 

This Zendure SuperBaseV 4600 has kept me running 24/7, even through two snowstorms. 

I use the SuperBase Pro 2000w system daily and have for months. It's a smaller unit offered by Zendure and it has also been able to ( nearly ) power my entire homestead 24/7 it has died a few times when it's over cast. But it's much smaller and charges so fast. In only a few hours it fully charges then will run my homestead until the morning when the sun comes up and keeps charging it. Only when it was overcast did it ever fail to run my homestead. 

This larger SuberBaseV 4600 has done the trick with no issue. With the HUGE 34% discount they are offering right now you can get this station for about the same cost to build a system yourself. Only you don't need to be an electrician to own one of these. It's a simple plug and play system capable of charging your EV and not only can you add 4 batteries to this unit, you could use 2 units in tandem with 4 batteries each. It's a hugely expandable system and they offer an even larger version. 

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Deli, I moved to the middle of nowhere largely for piece and quiet. If you didn’t have any neighbors and don’t mind a loud generator then they are definitely cheaper. There are many things a solar generator can do that a gas powered generator cannot. You can store them inside, use the app to power them on or off, expand their bank and produce power without buying gas continually. This unit is more powerful than many gas generators by the way.

Frugal Off Grid

Why don’t you ever just use a gasoline generator? They’re cheaper and more powerful.


David, I know right?

Frugal Off Grid

Maurice, I’m happy you found it useful.

Frugal Off Grid

I can’t believe how much these generators have improved the last couple years!


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