My heart healthy every day tonic

My heart healthy every day tonic

Whether you're an athlete a house wife or a homesteader you should highly consider making this healthy beverage every day.  

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If you don't want to read the entire blog I'll put links to each ingredient here. The tonic is made up of turmeric, beet powder, garlic powder, red tea blend and once a week I add diatomaceous earth and ginger powder, or if I feel sick or nauseous.  


Beet powder

Garlic powder

Ginger Powder

Diatomaceous earth

Red tea blend

I mix the turmeric, beet powder and garlic equally. The links are for 1lb bags so you'll mix up 3lbs. When I make my red tea in the morning I pour a glass about 16oz then add a tablespoon of my tonic mixture.  If I'm adding diatomaceous earth and ginger I add about 1/4 teaspoon of each.  I like to make sure to drink it about 30 minutes before I work out.  

Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation and reduce blood pressure I kind of think of it as taking a healthy ibuprofen.  

Beet powder has been used by athletes a long time it also can lower blood pressie and improve stamina.  

Red tea blend is high in hibiscus which is proven to reduce blood pressure it also has properties which assist in weight loss.  

Garlic fights against colds and is high in zinc.  

Ginger curbs nausea 

diatomaceous earth is used as a source of silica, for treating high cholesterol levels, for treating constipation, and for improving the health of skin, nails, teeth, bones, and hair.

Long story, short.  There are multiple benefits to each ingredient that are scientifically proven.  If you were ever going to take a supplement, this should be it.  Even Jeff Nippard agrees, he's the science based body building guru on Youtube.  

Anyhow,  a lot of people have asked about my tonic so here it is.  I hope you enjoy.  The links in this blog are affiliate links which means I get a small cut of each sale but don't worry it doesn't cost you extra.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  

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