How to find and buy land for off the grid homesteading

by John Hancock

Now you can find and buy land easily on one website! Pay in full or make payments as little as $200 a month! Use my link and discount code to save 10%! 

Discount lots frugal off grid land for homesteading



Discount Lots was founded in 2019. It is a fast growing company which offers Land in the USA. Discount Lots offers land at the price which everyone can afford. Get your land and put your plot of land to good use: build a dream house, start profitable farming, build a campground and many more. Everyone can get a Dream Property for less than $200 per month! Just imagine, less than $200 per month!

There is a Monthly Payment Plan. So you don’t need to pay the whole amount at one time. Why is it good to buy land from Discount Lots?  

  1. Best and vast selection of land. Discount Lots has exclusive off-market listing, the lots which are listed will not appear in any real estate listing. 
  2. Discount Lots sells land at really low prices, because customers don’t pay any commission or fees (which can be up to 6% of purchase price).
  3. No Credit check for Renters. No formal underwriting process.
  4. The Innovative Program for Buyers allows you to own property outright at the end of the agreement. It's like an auto lease, but with no absurd balloon payment at the end of it.
  5. And finally, Discount Lots offers Easy Monthly Payments. Pay less than $200 per month and own your plot of land! 

Buying Land has never been that easy!

  1. Go on website (the link is in the description)
  2. Choose a property you want
  3. Click a button and you are done. The Discount Lots Team will take care of everything. The only thing which you will have to do is to sign an agreement. Use my unique Promo Code DLFRUGAL10 and get 10% OFF out of the listed price!

Discount Lots makes the purchasing process fast and easy. You will have to pay less than $200 per month! And that’s it!

Buying Land with Discount Lots is Cheap, Fast and Easy!