Black Friday Sale! My wildest sale yet!

Black Friday Sale! My wildest sale yet!

My name is John, I live off the grid in the high desert of Arizona on my homestead in the middle of nowhere. 

I make some of the best red, blue and green tea blends and freshly ground corn flour around! 

When I moved off grid I wanted to start a business I could be passionate about, these products are some of the first main staples I kept around the homestead. I'm not a fan of soda or any other extremely sweet beverage. I would rather drink something that is good for me with benefits like lower blood pressure, antiinflammation or fresh breath. I also enjoy baking and want to be able to make my own flour on my homestead. While I had no experience gardening when I moved out here I was able to grow a small crop of corn the first season and I knew eventually I could turn my own harvest into fresh corn flour to bake with on my homestead. That's where the ideas for these products came from. For now I responsibly source all of the highest quality ingredients I can from reputable wholesalers. These are all original products I created myself which I have never seen anywhere else. 

If you want to give these products a try now is the time! This will  be the wildest sale I've ever had. Just use code: FRUGALFRIDAY and save 25% at check out! 

Have an awesome Thanksgiving and leave a comment below. Tell me how you like to use my products.  

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