40+ E-books and programs for living sustainably off the grid / Limited time only

by John Hancock

So many people have found refuge in the idea behind moving off the grid to become more self sufficient in the past couple years.  Whether it's creating a barrier between yourself and government overreach or natural disasters. Everyone I have met who has made the move to leave the rat race and do something that feels more secure and makes them happier has expressed that it is one of the best decisions they have ever made. Get yours now!
Live sustainably off the grid bundle frugal off grid
I’m so excited to share something incredibly rare with you today!
Many highly experienced creators have joined together to provide the "Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle" bringing you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to seize a library of cutting-edge professional tools and resources for living a life of freedom, sustainability, and confident independence.
So what is a “bundle”, you might ask?? Available for a limited time

Homesteading off the grid sustainably bundle
Well...an all-star team of game-changing educators joined forces by combining some of their popular books, courses, and trainings into a one epic package that you do not want to miss. Their collaborative spirit has led to this very rare opportunity for you to own about 40 complete products in a comprehensive ‘treasure vault’, at a price that literally cannot exist any other way.
This bundle was put together to make it as easy as possible for the largest number of people to have access to this information, so that can lead the lifestyle you always dreamed possible.
There are books and courses in each of these topics:
● Nomadic living and thriving off-grid
● Organic farming and gardening
● Online income & crypto
● Legal freedom
● Tiny homes and minimalism
● Sustainable living
● Natural healing
● Prepping & emergency survival

Sustainable living off grid bundle
The Off-Grid Sustainable Living Bundle is a shocking 96%+ discount from what you'd pay for all these courses and books separately!
Many of the single courses and books in this package would normally cost more than the entire bundle investment available for you today.
But it’s a very limited time – only on sale March 18th - 27th.
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Here are just a few of the awesome content creators who have participated in this bundle: 

Tiny house magazine for micro, tiny, small and unconventional house enthusiasts.

In this episode 106 Tiny House Magazine covers all sorts of topics in regards to tiny homes. There's an article about "gorilla grazing" You can read about topics such as salvage, RV rental and getting creative. 

Tiny house magazine The off grid sustainable living bundle

So you want to live in a van? A guide to kickstarting your #vanlife 

This book discusses the pros and cons of living in your van, Why they think it's worth it and many other topics you'd expect to see in regards to #Vanlife

so you want to live in a van? The off grid sustainable living bundle

The benefits of sustainable living and how to live more green.

This book touches on subjects like saving, sustainable food and shopping in bulk just to name a few. There are a plethora of unique pieces of information just about anyone would fine useful. 

Sustainable living the off grid sustainable living bundle

Sourdough, you can do it by Heather E Ranz

The author, Heather, dives right into making a starter and the basics before introducing herself. The book goes on to define several techniques and recipes for making some classy looking sourdough. 

Sour dough the off grid sustainable living bundle

Microbusinesses you can start today by Robert Witham.

Web design, property maintenance and income tax are only a few of the microbusinesses discussed in this book. If you need more ideas for diversifying your income you'll find this one helpful.  

Micro businesses you can start today

Permacrafters presents, Herbal remedies for common ailments

There's an entire section in this book focused on tinctures and another on foraging. Living off grid has a lot to do with knowing your surroundings. Being able to provide remedies for your homestead with the herbs that you grow or that are already there is a powerful tool to have. 

Herbal remedies for common ailments

This is only a small selection of eBooks included in this bundle, there are many more books and programs as well. I'll continue to add to this blog until the sale starts on March 18th. Don't forget to join my mailing list for your special link and more information. As well as a free copy of my first book.